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Laser Dentistry Washington, DC

Dental lasers are modern treatments that we use to help patients with gum problems. Dr. Christopher Banks uses soft tissue diode lasers to treat gum tissue. Lasers can treat the hard tissue, which means the teeth, or the soft tissue, which includes the gums. Dental lasers use light energy or wavelengths to contour or cut tissue.

Laser dentistry treatments in our Washington, DC, dental office help prevent future dental problems and keep the gums healthy. We use dental lasers to make our cosmetic and general dentistry services less painful and more efficient. 

Laser Dentistry in Washington DC

The Benefits of Dental Lasers

Laser dentistry treatments offer many advantages for patients compared to gum treatments of the past. Treatments that use dental lasers offer precise treatment, quick healing, and anxiety relief. We use small, handheld dental lasers to target and treat the gum tissue. The tip of the dental laser can precisely cut tissue without affecting the surrounding bone or gum tissue. 

There is minimal downtime after laser treatment. Unlike treatments with traditional surgical tools, dental lasers do not require sutures. Lasers have minimal bleeding, which is why no sutures are needed. Dental lasers also benefit patients who fear loud noises and dental tools. Lasers are quiet and do not cause vibrations that can create more pain for patients. 

Laser Dentistry Services in Washington, DC

Dr. Banks can use a soft tissue diode laser to provide gingivectomies for his patients. A gingivectomy is a procedure that removes gum tissue. We can address “gummy smiles” and gum disease with a gingivectomy.

Patients with a gummy smile have excess gum tissue covering the top of their upper arch of teeth or excess gum tissue at the bottom of their lower arch of teeth. We can gently contour the tissue using a dental laser to show more of the tooth.

A gingivectomy can also remove gum tissue if patients have gum disease. Gum disease infects the tissue, leading to inflamed gum tissue, deep gum pockets, and even loose teeth. Removing infected gum tissue can also help prepare patients for restorative treatments. 

Treat Your Gums 

Address excess gum tissue or diseased gum tissue with dental laser treatment. Contact Dupont Dental for comfortable treatment today at (202) 946-4720 or schedule your next dental appointment online.