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General Dentistry Washington, DC

At Dupont Dental, we help patients maintain healthy smiles with routine dental care. Regular dental visits allow our team to examine patients’ smiles and provide cleanings to stop future dental problems and the need for more complex care. In addition to routine maintenance, our general dental treatments offer preventative treatments that address issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and even dental emergencies. Dr. Christopher Banks provides general dentistry services in Washington, DC, to help patients maintain good oral health. 

General Dentist in Washington DC

General Dentistry Services in Washington, DC

Receiving routine, preventative, or general dental care keeps the teeth and gums healthy. Our general dental treatments include:

Custom Mouthguard

If you play sports, you need to wear a sports mouthguard. Our custom mouthguards prevent dental injuries or damage to braces and other orthodontic appliances during contact sports. 

Emergency Dentistry

For dental emergencies, call our office immediately (202.296.7714), and we will do everything we can to see you the day you call. Common dental emergencies we address in our office include tooth decay, lost teeth, and broken dental restorations. Receiving emergency care promptly can prevent the need for more complex dental problems and complicated maintenance. 

Laser Dentistry

We use soft-tissue diode dental lasers to cut and contour the gum tissue. Lasers are modern dental tools that use light and heat to target tissue and offer minimal bleeding or pain. 

Tooth Extraction

During dental extraction treatment, we remove severely decayed teeth, overcrowded teeth, and impacted teeth. We ensure that patients are comfortable throughout the extraction process. Dental extractions also help relieve pain from dental problems like infection or impaction.

Root Canals and Dental Fillings

Root canals and dental fillings are routine treatments that help patients address tooth decay. A root canal removes a dental infection from a badly damaged tooth. We remove the diseased pulp or the cells, blood vessels, and tissue during a root canal. Then, we clean the inside of the tooth and place a dental filling to seal the tooth.

Instead of traditional silver fillings, we treat cavities with composite (white) fillings. White fillings not only blend in with the color of natural teeth but also strengthens teeth. Ultimately, root canals and dental fillings prevent tooth loss and preserve the tooth’s structure.

General Dentistry Q&A

Learn more about general dental treatment with answers to commonly asked questions: 

Do dental lasers hurt?

Patients feel little to no pain during treatment that uses dental lasers. Because of this, we often do not need to use anesthetic. Patients will feel sensations as we use the lasers, but the lasers are not painful, unlike traditional dental tools.

How do I know if I have a dental emergency?

Patients have dental emergencies when they have a dental problem that causes sudden or severe symptoms, like tooth pain. If a problem is not manageable at home or can wait until a scheduled appointment, we recommend that patients call our office. We also recommend that patients contact a hospital if they have sustained physical injuries and require medical care.

Are sports mouthguards required for children?

Yes, we recommend sports mouthguards for all athletes, regardless of age. Wearing a custom-made professional mouthguard protects the teeth, gums, and orthodontic appliances like braces. These mouthguards are required for contact sports like hockey, lacrosse, and soccer, where there is contact between players.

Contact Our Dental Office

Has it been a while since your last dental visit? Call Dupont Dental for general, preventative dental treatment today at (202) 946-4720. You may also request a dental appointment with Dr. Banks online. Visiting the dentist regularly can keep your smile healthy and prevent future dental problems and complications.