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Cosmetic Dentistry Washington, DC

Dr. Christopher Banks is a cosmetic dentist who serves patients in the Dupont Circle area of Washington, DC. Even after completing his Doctorate in Dental Surgery, he has continued learning about the latest technologies and treatments to help patients improve their smiles. His cosmetic dentistry services in his Washington, DC dental office improve the smile’s aesthetics and even contribute to improved oral health. Many patients who receive cosmetic dental care are more motivated to maintain their new smiles with an excellent oral hygiene routine. Dr. Banks looks forward to helping patients makeover their smiles with cosmetic treatments that can improve their self-confidence.

Cosmetic Dentist in Washington, DC

Cosmetic Dentistry in Washington, DC

Dr. Banks is dedicated to providing patients with the latest cosmetic services. Learn about the different cosmetic dental treatments that Dr. Banks offers at Dupont Dental: 


Clear Invisalign aligners can straighten misaligned and crooked teeth without brackets and wires. Invisalign is a discreet alternative to metal braces that benefits patients with mild to moderate orthodontic problems. 

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are shell-like treatments that cover the front of the tooth enamel. Veneers cover single teeth or all of the teeth in the smile line to change the shape and shade of the enamel. Patients who do not require Invisalign or teeth whitening treatment but want to improve their smile benefit from veneers.

Teeth Bonding

Dental bonding treatment uses tooth-colored resin materials to address tooth chips, cracks, gaps, and discoloration. Bonding offers a quick and comfortable treatment for patients who want to improve one or more teeth and create a seamless smile.

Teeth Whitening

Opalescence and Zoom, teeth whitening treatments, offer convenient in-office and take-home options for patients that want brighter smiles. We customize whitening treatment to minimize sensitivity and help patients achieve the best results. 

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover uses multiple cosmetic dental treatments to make over the smile. Dr. Banks offers smile makeovers for patients who require more than one cosmetic treatment to address discolored teeth, crooked teeth, and even facial wrinkles. Before recommending treatment, Dr. Banks will examine the smile and consider each patient’s cosmetic goals. He will then create a custom treatment plan that includes the order of required treatments. For instance, he will recommend that patients straighten their smiles before receiving teeth whitening treatment. 

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

Discover more about cosmetic dental care with answers to these frequently asked questions: 

Am I a candidate for Invisalign?

We recommend Invisalign treatment for patients who have mild to moderate orthodontic problems. Invisalign can treat an overbite, underbite, crossbite, crooked teeth, and gaps between teeth. We may recommend traditional braces if patients have more severe orthodontic problems that require extensive care. 

Are dental veneers permanent?

While dental veneers are not permanent, they can last for many years with the proper care. Additionally, patients must be committed to veneers because treatment requires tooth preparation. Preparing the teeth removes part of the tooth enamel, meaning patients must cover their teeth with veneers or another treatment.

Makeover Your Smile

Whether you want to make a small change in your smile or want a complete makeover, Dr. Banks is here to help you reach your goals. Call Dupont Dental for cosmetic dental care today at (202) 946-4720. You can also schedule a dental appointment with cosmetic dentist Dr. Banks online.